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December 8th 2010    Tim Candler

    The one part of the telephone is a mobile unit that has no wire attached to it.  A person can wonder around, wave an arm, and look important.  And it rings quite cheerfully in unison with its more robust and manageable other part, which has the traditional handle and buttons large enough to see.

    On the mobile unit there is a tiny button to press when answering the ring and there is a separate and equally tiny button to press after saying goodbye.  I imagine it made sense in the laboratory to have the answering button in green and the hanging up button in red. 

     I can see them now, giving consideration to the stop and go of traffic lights.  The green implies proceed, carryon, have a good day.  The red implying, stop, warning, go no further the world is about to end.

    Yet I think it must depend upon attitude toward a telephone ringing, because often when I try to answer the mobile unit I press the wrong button.  Which some might think rude, but which I reckon follows a flaw in design.

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