An English In Kentucky


















February 10th 2010    Tim Candler

    Our leaning wall  toppled as a result of poor foundation.   Some blamed the mason's plumb line and breeze from the sea.   Others the quality of concrete.   And on it went because sometimes everyone becomes an expert.

     It was funny watching the men in sunglasses.   They did not have the attitude we shared.  For them this was not just a matter of daily pay.  This was reputation, scheduling, money and  men up stairs who with a single wave could bring down ruin.


    For us it did not matter.   A scarcity of labor made us like kings.  Worse we knew it.   Like saviors we set to  recovering block from our tumbled wall, hammering off cement, restacking.   Hours of toil, but we were cheerful.  

     Then a machine arrived.   Men in sunglasses carried broad smiles as they watched this machine spend a leisurely afternoon re-trenching a foundation it had taken us weeks to dig.     

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