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February 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    The men in sunglasses had a shallow opinion of us.   Possibly they thought us untrustworthy.   But I am not sure that untrustworthy is the correct word, because there was nothing to steal and nowhere to make it disappear.    So I suspect this shallow opinion reflected the phenomenon of class.

     And it was after a religious holiday that one of our number returned to work sporting a pair of very smart sunglasses.   We teased him with a determination, and very quickly he found room to hide his sunglasses in his bedroll..    We should have guessed that this man had a frailty, because when he first came to work with us he brought with him a pair of gloves.

     In the eyes of a gentle god we might all be equal, not so in the eyes of men.   That necessary condition  for peaceable-ness seems to pass into the visceral, and there it becomes an acceptable nature. 

    Recently I have recognized the damage sun has done to me.   I used to spend my pay day in gluttony and vice.  Loved every minute of it. Now, in what remains of the vestibule, I begin to think a respect for sun glasses and gloves might have been a better investment.

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