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February 12th 2010    Tim Candler

    In Kentucky it's the day to count birds.   Their turn to be subjected to census.  And woe betide the uncounted.

    Seven Bluebirds, three Carolina Wrens and one Barred Owl.  There are Field Sparrows and Chipping Sparrows, I think.  And there is a raptor of some kind that looks like an Osprey, but is more likely a bloody Merlin, or it could be an anomaly of eyesight due to appalling weather.   There is a flock of Robin, number unknown.   And on it goes into the distance where a Woodpecker is hammering away.

    I wonder if I have to walk around outside to count birds, or whether I am allowed to sit quietly by the window.  Do I have to take the clipboard and a pencil.  And what do I call the range of flying things that are unidentified.

    True, this is an exciting opportunity to participate in competitive awareness.  And I am tempted to exaggerate because the county to the south of us, according to these logs,  has more birds than we do.   As well, down there, they have a suspicious number of exotics.

   But I wonder if they have a "Claude", which is how the Grey Cat's Mistress references the Close Mockingbird.


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Images from the UK bird count :