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February 14th 2010    Tim Candler

    I think some weeks ago I came to a conclusion that weather forecast and the thing that is me should part company.   Whether this conclusion was a positive or a negative I do not know, because I remained obedient to that conclusion for perhaps a half an hour.

    On many technical devices there is an option that calls itself  "parental control."   After several false starts I have been able to apply the "parental control" option to the Disney channel.   Flushed with excitement and a sense of power, I was able to add  QVC and all of the ESPN channels.

     But clearly I have an addiction to weather forecasting services, because so far I have been unable to apply "parental control" to any one of them.  I find myself terrified of forgetting the "parental control" password.  Nor does there appear to be a number I can call where angels can quickly retrieve it.   

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