An English In Kentucky


















February 15th 2010    Tim Candler

     The US dollar was once the currency of choice in that world which eschews banks and banking regulation and exchange controls.  Probably it still is, but these days I am fortunate enough not to be in those waters, so I don't know.

    In a narrow street I handed over my bundle of hard earned bills and a quick witted man gave me an assortment of greenbacks.   Most likely he made good money from the transaction.  And he might have done even better had he known that I had never seen a dollar bill before. 

   As I walked away he disappeared.  I could feel the strange currency in my pocket and I was suddenly convinced that I had been badly cheated.  By the time I reached the airport, I knew the money in my pocket belonged to an obscure board game and that I was soon to be arrested for being terminally stupid.

     Had that man cheated me I would probably now be somewhere else.   Some days when the weather has clemency I find it necessary to thank him for his honesty.   But today, is not one of those days.



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