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February 16th 2010    Tim Candler

    I have recently been sent some photographs which apparently are pictures of me when I was young.   No doubt in my mind that someone is playing a trick on me.   And I know I deserve this trick.

    My family is scattered.   Dotted around in different parts of the world.   Sometimes effort is made to induce some form of union.  And I am sure these efforts would have blossomed and borne fruit were it not for that obstacle summed by the sentence "distance breeds strangers."   

     I remember returning from travel with a portfolio of photographs which the Grey Cat's Mistress had taken of odd looking people in remote parts of the United Kingdom.   Very carefully I gathered a multitude of imagined cousins from these photographs and presented them as an album of distant relatives to my sister.

    She was most taken by them, explored them thoroughly and kept finding a family resemblance in the strange faces I had presented her with.   Then when I revealed the subterfuge she was disappointed to the point of  an anger that requires revenge .

    As well there is a terrible chance she might not be teasing me.  That indeed this is who I was.   Lets hope it's a joke.

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