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February 20th 2010    Tim Candler

    The Osprey or Barn Owl that has graced us with a ghostly appearance is most likely a Northern Harrier.   Nor is this the first time I have allowed myself to leap into the realm of ludicrous conclusion.  Which means our Northern Harrier might still be an Osprey or a Barn Owl but it can never be one of those wonderful creatures a Ferruginous Duck.

    Often with birds I retreat into memory and I say "It looks like...."  And pretty soon "It looks like..." becomes firm in my mind as an "It is."  Then in that sulky way I open the bird book and scatter through its pages in an attempt to add to my knowledge.  Invariably I get sidetracked.

    The Ferruginous Duck is absolutely nothing like an Osprey, a Barn Owl or a Northern Harrier.  It is a native of Europe and Asia. It is a small, round, diving duck with a beady eye.  And some people call it a Fudge Duck. 

     Enamored I am of the Fudge Duck, because Harriers and Ospreys and Barn Owls belong to a category of killing machine, while Ducks appear to lead a more contented and pastoral life.

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