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February 21st 2010    Tim Candler

    I will not say it felt like Spring this morning because I have a good memory of thinking it felt like spring some weeks ago in early January.   

   But, a night without frost and suddenly the day contains fewer hours.   One stunted Dandelion bloom in the brown grass by the xylophone beds.   A little white in the tips of snowdrops.  Green shoots from Daffodil.   A Carolina Wren in a Barn Swallow nest.    And yes indeed we are running around starry-eyed. 

    I will say that I haven't always been like this.  Years ago had I earned a vision of myself today, I would first have held my head in shame and then I would have retreated into a deep depression haunted by the dainty thing I would become.

    "Walden Bloody Pond"   I guess.

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