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February 24th 2010    Tim Candler

    The analogy of Human Being as radio and Heidegger's understanding of authentic strikes me sometimes as a useful combination in the day to day commerce of emotion.

    It is not because I as an individual lack authenticity or purpose, more often it is because a frequency becomes drowned.   A barking dog, a rat in the attic, interrupts solace, creates cacophony and produces unhappiness.   And yet the frequency remains.

    There are those who might argue for an obvious solution through lobotomy or heavy drinking.   And here I am fairly certain the Pharmaceutical industry has a rich vein that I have yet to tap.  But there are alternatives.

    Self containment through pomposity may be very adequate.  Pursuing that notion of self as superior enables a giraffe like ability to reach above the cacophony where frequency is perhaps more easily discerned.  But sadly this strategy requires an almost total withdrawal into deafness.

    Better perhaps to embrace the authentic through belief in an authentic.  The rapture radio of "I will not be moved."    Gather like Gibbons to howl at the Leopard, then talk about it endlessly.   Some call this "acceptance" I suppose.  And honorable it might be.

     Myself,  I have often leaned toward the surgery, and the older I get the more inclined I am.  


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