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February 25th 2010    Tim Candler

      During the recent blissful interlude we saw two frogs in the fish pond, and we again heard in the distance what I think of as The Green River Frogs.   Don't imagine any Frog grasps the concept of foolishness.   More likely they simply retreat or freeze. 

       Probably the ancestors too heard Green River Frogs in February and children were dispatched to catch a few in anticipation of improved diet.  I picture their return, muddy and cold, but happy.   And there was probably a song or a poem to match their delight.

     But our own preoccupation is the movement of male domestic cats which this first call of Green River Frogs heralds.  The un-neutered  wander across the Grey Cat's territory.  They are driven by carnal desire.  They are wild-eyed and quite without manners.   Invariably there is fighting and gunfire and a visit to the vet.

     I imagine the ancestors would consider us quite insane. 

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