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January 17th 2010    Tim Candler

    Malabar Spinach and Asparagus Bean trellis with Wax Gourd climbing, may sound like one more winter reverie.   And probably it is.   But in winter the vegetable garden takes on that appearance of desolation that caused Soviet dissidents to become eloquent. 

    At the end of Fall, which in my calendar is November, the garden contains hints of tidiness that suggest promise and a possibility of tomorrow along with green grass.  Then at this time in January the garden is just a sad, sad place.  Made so much worse by fences. 

    I think though it is 'fence posts', rather than 'fences' that damages the flow of thinking as I wander in my mind around those things that might get done.   One post in particular has a characteristic which one day I find charming and another day I find obstructing.

     Today I resent this post almost to the point of chainsaw.   A second or two and it would be gone.   But this would leave a gap.   And tomorrow I go to the dentist so reasonableness is nowhere near the agenda today.

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