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January 18th 2010    Tim Candler

    After an inch of rain that I thought a warm rain, and a Monday morning with sun beating back fog, I found myself at the dentist's office announcing to no one in particular that I couldn't believe it was already the middle of January.  

    Middle of June is a period of regret for things left undone.    And the middle of November.   But when the 'I can't believe' is applied to the middle of January, there is something amiss.  Then in the dentist's waiting room, ever a dour and sullen place unless there is gossip to eavesdrop upon, one of my fellow patients issued a sentiment that suggested he too was alarmed by the unnatural pace January had so suddenly adopted.  

     Possibly I was in that frame of mind that utters for the sake of uttering.  And possibly this was also the case with my fellow patients.  Perhaps together we devised a reality of emotion toward the month that only existed within the confines of the dentist's waiting room.

     I didn't go in there with intention of saying anything.   I had no obsession with January when I pushed through the door and found myself confronted by a verbal greeting from the usually overwhelmed lady who makes the telephone calls.

    Clearly we were all just nervous and worried and tense and convinced that we hadn't been correctly caring for our teeth and any excuse might work.

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