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January 21st 2010    Tim Candler

    Last growing season would have been perfect for Parsnips.   This coming season may be drought infested and temperature ridden.   I can see wailing and stamping about.  I can see a delightful row of Anaheim Pepper laid low by a careless tug of a hose pipe that has kinked.  I can see rage and blood pressure under hot afternoon sun.  

    By June it is too late to sort out watering of the vegetable garden.  Summer patterns are established by then, but this summer, cursing at hose pipes might no longer belong to traditional patterns due to thoughtful preparation and excellent planning.        

     This planning has been in the mental phase for several years.   I have on the one side images of previous dry summers and on the other side images of conveniently located faucets connected by a subway of pipes.   And above ground there will be no unmanageable length of hose to interrupt the contemplation of she who mows.

     Invariably it seems to be winter rain that halts progress on this irrigation scheme.  And often where a pipe might easily pass there is an increasing incidence of  concrete edging to contend with. 


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