An English In Kentucky


















January 23rd 2010    Tim Candler

     A boy House Sparrow spent time anxiously calling from an Apple Tree.  He was giving the impression that he planned on the house as location for his love nest and all that he needed was encouragement from a girl House Sparrow.  This call is remarkably grating in the early morning.

    And I remember with clarity, this time last year, a boy House Sparrow did exactly the same thing.   He sat in the Apple Tree broadcasting his intention, while the Close Mocking Bird watched from the Alatus berries.   A few days later Kentucky was attacked by an ice storm, that took away electricity and lives and made for much misery and gave us long stories which end with a lesson in preparedness or some other moral.

    I know what's going to happen to the boy House Sparrow.  He'll be shoveled off by a combination of  Wren and Mocking Bird.  He'll venture toward Blue Bird boxes where Tree Swallows will also move him on.  And then I'll see him high in the eaves of the barn struggling with nest stability while Barn Swallows tease him.   And on he'll chatter until a girl House Sparrow silences him.

    Somewhere in the great tapestry there are probably those capable of remembering important things.   Like the date of a sister's birthday, or a telephone number, or their own street address.   But perhaps if it can be written down it becomes easier to forget.

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