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January 24th 2010    Tim Candler

    Between here and town are several gardens.  And between now and the end of March there is an increase in the incidence of 'checking the mail' accompanied by a decline in that part of driving skill that includes concentration on the road and awareness of other road users.

    There are options.  The least elegant is to dwindle into a contemplation of purpose which invariably leads to "what is it I actually believe?"   A question which should not be permitted within the framework of a moment in time when immigration forms are scattered across an already untidy table top.

     I could for example try harder to answer question 10D subsection 15 - "Have you ever committed an offense or crime for which you were not arrested?"   I could answer this question by saying - "Yes! Several times a day."   Or I could say - "That depends on your definition of moral character."

    So I wonder what other gardeners are doing.  I wonder what decisions they are making with respect to their Tomato plants, their choice of seed and preferred method of ground preparation.  And here because of poor peripheral vision I become a menace to other road users.

    And then there is "So What!"  Truth belongs to no one, and when others judge, I should laugh at them.   But I have always been frightened of uniforms, that belonging they have, their pencils and hats, and when is the last day for frost if we all behave.

    "Rabbit hunting," I think it 's called. 

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