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January 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    I have in my mind a Wax Gourd and Cucumber arbor.   I can see myself in shade singing softly to hanging green fruit.  But these dreams rarely account for high winds and the march of insect life.

      In the vegetable garden last year cucumbers had the dark spot written on them..  Beady eyed creatures cut into their stems because I was elsewhere.   And this year, when the ground warms, a hoard of beady eyed children will be wandering the savannah looking for cucumber stems.         

    I know why Cucumber had the dark spot.  The year before there had been a surfeit of Cucumber.  I can still see myself sneaking buckets of them into the compost pile. 

     Better to wander in the direction of green fruit hanging from disciplined and picturesque vines.   This way surfeit can be fought for and welcomed.

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