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January 27th 2010    Tim Candler

     The weather event predicted to arrive at the end of this week contains a possibility of snow and ice and associated issues.  Those of us possessing temperaments which are inclined toward excitability have written mental lists.   Gasoline, water, kindling and chocolate chips.

      Can't help but agree these four necessities belong to a nicety of living.   In more desolate places such a list might better reflect the hierarchy of a bearded and boot-wearing unity.   In those same desolate places atonement is sometimes welcomed through suffering, while here, we seek oneness through humor and baking, because perhaps our God is sandal-wearing.

     Yet beyond the visible regions there lurks an ogre.   He wears socks with his slippers, and he sells insurance.  And sometimes, in foxholes he'll flash a smile at non-believers.  So far I have managed a knowing wink in reply.

      Probably quite wrong to relish the prospect of hunger and griddle cakes and bacon from the outdoor stove and power cuts that extend into next week.

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