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January 28th 2010    Tim Candler

    There are ghosts in memory.   Sometimes these ghosts leap from the past and go 'boo!'.  And sometimes I wonder how real they might be.

     I do know that in the context of time that has past, memory is fickle.   Ghosts, however are not.  They jump into the present and sashay around in their white sheet and make it necessary to think of newer things, otherwise there is a fear and trembling associated with 'what if.'


     Some will say that giving a mind over to newer things is no more than distraction.   They will say that it is better to talk with the ghost that goes 'boo',  because he too is distressed and he too has his own 'what if.'

     But I have decided that this approach to ghosts serves only to encourage them.  Henceforth I will carry a stick with which to beat them off. 

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