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January 4th 2010

    End Time has clearly been delayed.  The next opportunity is 12/21/12 in the USA, or 21/12/12 in the UK.  So less confusing just to call this next opportunity 'Pole Shift Day'.

    As I understand it there was a time when the Antarctic was equatorial.  This, not because of continental drift, but because of a 'Pole Shift' following an alignment of the Sun, the Earth and a large Black Hole in our galaxy.  The last time this alignment of Sun, Earth and Black Hole occurred the North Pole was somewhere in the middle of the Pacific and the South Pole was somewhere near the Horn of Africa.

     On the next 'Pole Shift Day' Kentucky may lose her seasons..  The new equator might travel straight through the vegetable garden.  Then as polar ice melts, and before new ice sheets can gather, sea level will rise.  Over there to the West of us, Paducah will be perhaps fifty feet above sea level.  To the East of us deciduous woodland might slowly give way to mountains of  tropical forest.

    A couple of generations we'll get used to.  Old farts might remember the earthquakes, the tsunami and volcano.  But there will be Alligator and Anaconda sightings along the Green River.  Banana and Avocado groves.  Oleander and Frangipani and Bougainvillea.  Windows wide open in January.   And I wonder what Barn Swallows and Kingbirds and Chimney Swifts will do.

    'Pole Shift Day' may indeed be painful, but I suspect 'Pole Shift Day' will be more painful for those of us who currently live in places like Hawaii or Zanzibar.


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