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January 6th 2010

    More often it is better to ignore those itchy things that crawl through a mind.   Dismiss them as belonging to interpretation.  See them as emerging from angst and put them in a black plastic bag so that on Friday rubbish collectors might politely dispose of them.   However, when 'being' is the sum of its parts, intentions are easier to articulate than to practice, and already my black plastic bag for this Friday has been shredded by marauding and hyperactive weathermen.

    Quite why it is that these perfectly dressed men and women must stand in front of the weather maps and gesticulate, I do not know.  As well, it is very apparent to me that during his formative years the director of acting at the weather training school received a bad haircut in the State of Kentucky.  Now, during his classes, he instructs in the art of using body parts to always make certain that Kentucky is blocked from view.


    Perhaps this same director of acting had his heart broken in Tennessee and his groin injured in Alabama.  But these affronts to his dignity do not compare in his mind to a bad haircut, because there is a choreography students must perfect before their director permits them their graduation.  This awkward movement made elegant, enables the head to remain so as to obliterate Kentucky, while the State of Tennessee and the State of Alabama come briefly into view.

     And I have written several letters through the Email suggesting they send their people elsewhere for training.  Each response is an identical "Thank you for your interest in the Weather Channel." 

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