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July 10th 2010    Tim Candler

    There are one hundred and twenty eight fluid ounces in a gallon.   There are exactly thirty two fluid ounces to a quart.   So one hundred and sixty fluid ounces would be more than enough to fill a gallon container.   I have six thousand four hundred fluid ounces in a fifty gallon rain collector.   Probably it is the fourteen fluid ounces of drowned June Bug that has made it smell peculiar.

      They must have found their way by following the scent of others.   The question though, is what should I do with the water.  I could drain it onto the garden and create what could be a paradise for other June Bugs still searching for mates.  Or I could get this water to the compost pile, where June Bugs are more welcome. 

   Naturally the error was to allow June Bugs into the rainwater barrel.   I should have modified the rainwater entrance point, using the screen provided.  But I am too far gone to accept suggests from alien planets.  Much prefer to discover the obvious through that process of trial and error some refer to as beating the head against a brick wall.

    And here I find myself wondering when to actually empty the rainwater barrel.  And I find myself relating this answer to a question that addresses when it might next rain.  A question I am forbidden to contemplate because that way lies despair and fury and things so much worse than the smell of June Bugs in July.

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