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July 13th  to 22nd. 2010    Tim Candler

    Nine days of wandering in the midst of Kapital.  Good for those parts of soul that lurk.  That muddled dark crowd far down in being that reaches out sometimes to tickle 'creative is' with dreams of gold rather than purpose.  And I came away with dreams.   

    Yet I have seen such muddy dreams before.   They begin first with wish and hope, and how quickly they can flounder on the rocks of mathematics.  It is no wonder that a factory without people is a pure place.  And it is no wonder how suddenly wish becomes stronger than reasonableness.

   It is however a lurking thing down there in the muddled crowd.  Wish and hope include a difficult combination of adventure and greed, concepts that are ill-defined, and mostly human.  Then Kapital touches the discord competition implies, that nether world where we become more real because we become less civil.  And these things in and of themselves are managed otherwise we are isolated beings removed from each other,  frightened and ultimately useless.

    But some years ago we had a lonely ginger cat.  He never cleaned himself.  He ate what others left behind.   His favorite was Vanilla Ice Cream and sometimes Brussels Sprouts.  And he would bully kittens.  He became large and lazy, and I always used to think him happy in his small victories.

   For a while I emulated him. 

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