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July 23rd 2010    Tim Candler

    With luck temperatures will soar into the unbearable heights, and I will fan myself with damp fingers, pant like a reptile, so that  Wax Gourd can bloom.  

     It was growing amongst a couple of Long Beans, which in a moment of depression I planted along the Wax Gourd frame because I had reckoned on Wax Gourd failure.  These unfortunate beans I sacrificed some weeks ago.  Their stems wept moisture for a day or two.  One even tried to send up a new shoot, but I was ruthless.

   I may  have been too fawning of  Wax Gourd.  Given it treats of liquid feed and adoring stares.  Ravaged its neighbors. Cooed too long in its direction. These behaviors sometimes make a plant lazy.  Sends it into an orgy of flowerless green and "look how clever I am".

    So this morning I trimmed its tendrils, glared at it and said mean things.  Now of course, I am hoping it will not sulk. 

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