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July 24th 2010    Tim Candler

    The garden is ravaged by heat and pestilence.  I blame the month of June for bringing us August Butterflies in July. 

    All very well for those grasshoppers who have yet to achieve the vagaries of their old age where they start to chew on plastic netting because they have lost the taste for greens.  I can see them younger now, hopping around oblivious to their future.  They have keen eyes and show off with noise when they fly.  Probably hoping to live forever.

   And I wish I could get enthusiastic about a Fall planting.  The truth is I am more interested in watching Purple Clover grow so that soil might rest a while from the responsibilities I have placed upon it. 

   No doubt when frost comes my mind will change.  And the perfect bed will be a Winter bed. Sleeping soundly and silent.

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