An English In Kentucky


















July 25th 2010    Tim Candler

    Great tension amongst Frogs.  And yes there are some members of our species who will spend  time watching Frogs.  I, being perfect in diligence, missed all the excitement.

     It was a Black Snake apparently.  Slithering over the rocks, swimming across the pond and then emerging into sunshine with a smile on his face.  

   Fortunately Bluey and her six comrades were all quite unscathed.  They quickly returned to their stations to stare endlessly into horizons disturbed only by the occasional blink.

   I am told that if a person waits long enough at the window watching frogs, they might see a tongue reach for a passing insect.  This is a momentary thing and infrequent. 

    As well everyone looks a little skinny out there.  Perhaps it's a shyness they have.

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