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July 27th 2010    Tim Candler

    Ten Barn Swallows.   I counted them three times. The single pair had two broods.  I think the first brood comprised three children.  I find it hard to accept the second brood comprised five children.

    They were on the electric line this morning.  None of us had slept well because a Mockingbird spent his night serenading the moon.   And there was rain this morning, which welcome though it might be has both good and bad inference upon feathers.  The Barn Swallows were preening, and they seemed to possess between them a loneliness.

   I wouldn't  worry for them as much had there been more of them this Spring.   If they had arrived this year as they had left last year in numbers suggesting a winter plenty down there in tropical climes where Banana Quits and Parrots live.

    I imagine the parent birds of Barn Swallows caught sometimes in memories of a long journey to a cruel place.  Makes me sad for us too. 

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