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July 29th 2010    Tim Candler

   Tomato struggles.  The poor things are blighted.   God knows what it is, and I don't think I want to.  

   It was a ripening Big Boy this morning that looked as though it had exploded.  The arms of a white furry goo issuing from within it.  More like a plague than anything remotely reasonable.  And in a sense it was terrifying.        

   My first instinct was to toss the tomato as  far from the garden as possible.  As it flew through the air, I thought "Slime Mold" and as it hit the ground with a splat, I realized my reaction was foolish in the extreme.  So I found the plastic bag dispenser, and carefully deposited the tomato into a safer place.

    The opinion is that I should pull out all the tomatoes and burn them.   The simplicity of such a solution, is also terrifying.  

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