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July 31st 2010    Tim Candler

    The Mole Hunter has taken to the shotgun.   For my part I was long ago vanquished by Moles.  It was a sullen a negotiation.  Finally they agreed to my setting the occasionally half hearted Mole trap on the understanding that in defeat I should be allowed a little dignity.   And of course they were correct.  It does make me feel better.

    However, this new strategy from the Mole Hunter herself risks jeopardizing the treaty between Moles and myself.   Certainly it is true Moles currently have their way with me.  They do what they want.  Tunnel where they wish to.  There is no ordinance dictating their behavior.  And certainly my response belongs to the category of  spineless-ness. 

   But surrender to Moles has been for me an emotional release.  There is no stamping of feet.  No running around in randomness carrying the jembi.  None of those physical responses that often cause heart attacks amongst old fools in my condition.

    There is one good thing.  So far in my observations of the Mole Hunters new strategy I feel confident Moles have no clue the shotgun is aimed at them. 

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