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July 5th 2010    Tim Candler

    Kingbirds have their children garrulous on the electric line.    Far too much noise for a peaceful morning amongst Beans, Bean Beetle and Japanese Beetle.   Next year I will plant beans two foot apart, instead of this tight row in which ogres hide amongst dank and rot and other creeping things.

    The question I suppose is why do I  not now thin the Bush Beans.   Already I have in  my mind the clippers, I can see the teasing apart of leaves and stems, I can see the compost pile high with fresher greens.    And then I think perhaps another day.  So soon it will be too late, and according to the tradition of these things next year I will be squirming under these same circumstances.

   The Long Beans have I think emerged earlier than expected  They run East West and have enjoyed the hot June.   Amongst them the occasional Stink Bug, and  down on the earth near their feet a Wooly Bear, which put me into a state of confusion.   But I did not step on it and I watched it race toward what I imagine must be a source of nourishment somewhere in the dark recesses.

    The great joy at this moment is Wax Gourd, and how I wish it was on the arch.      

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