An English In Kentucky


















July 6th 2010    Tim Candler

    There is Horn Worm amongst the Peppers.  Scat the equal of Elephant droppings.  So he must be big.  I have searched to no avail.  Most likely soon there will be a moth large enough to challenge Humming birds, and if I see him flying I'll have to congratulate him.

    But Cabbage Whites are so plentiful I am almost persuaded to chase them with a net.   Too long I have spent amongst the Swede squishing the caterpillar of Cabbage White.   Yet still they flutter about Lavender, and cavort like locusts through garden fences to find that safe place for eggs.   I need Chameleons standing guard.

   Then there is something larger than a rat and smaller than a fox.  It is an omnivore I guess.  And I think at night it climbs or squeezes its way through fencing, and probably it carries its children on its back, and under stars it watches them play hide and seek.

    Could be a Snapping Turtle in the pond.  The fish are scarce and not a frog.  They arrive apparently on the feet of White Egrets, can walk a thousand miles, speak Latin and apparently taste delicious.        

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