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July 7th 2010    Tim Candler

    Seventy degrees Fahrenheit at six thirty this morning.  Three hours later it was eighty-eight degrees Fahrenheit with heavy dew.  Today the forecasted high is ninety-six degrees Fahrenheit.   And these are ideal conditions for Wax Gourd.  Couple more days like this and Wax Gourd might even consider a bloom.   Which is very exciting.

    However, the Colorful Stinkbug, which is I think sometimes called a Harlequin,  has found a Nirvana amongst my Supreme Court Justices.   And I imagine they will now discover the Swedes via Brussels Sprouts.   Those nine blooming Sparkler Radish are being inhaled by Colorful Stinkbug copulating.   And somehow, somewhere there is a lesson.

   The Brown Stinkbug, prefers Tomato.  They are currently managing high heat and humidity by lurking under distracted Tomato leaves, then popping out to quench thirst by sucking on a riper Tomato.   I suspect they have chosen Tomato because it gives them a good view of the Grey Cat's attempts to find whatever it is that lives in the compost pile.

   The Brown Stinkbug, of course, has the beady eye.  He'll watch you approach.  He'll watch you get closer and closer.   And the closer you get the stiller he becomes.  When you reach for him, he stares at you, which can be a disconcerting second or two.  Long enough for him to suddenly disappear. 

    Its the bloody Green Stinkbug that flies so well.  And he is just all over the damn place. 

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