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July 8th 2010    Tim Candler

    An exploration of being begins with isolation.  To understand what it is that patterns itself cannot be conceived without loneliness.  Then others dictate and an isolated being requires an absolution.  The sin here is a long way from the torments in purgatory.  Rather the sin is a failure to belong.  And what might Socrates say.  He would probably shrug.   Because belonging is a form of Hemlock.

      Cannot say this is a popular expression of our nature.  It does absent truth completely.  Offers the potential that some reflect in the word nihilism.  It puts being firmly on its slippery slope.  Yet it allows 'creative is' and that indeterminate wander through time which some enjoy, some do not. 

   So it is not really a question of nihilism in that classic sense of 'god is dead, long live superman'.   A classic sense which so often pertains to thought by itself, unhindered by visceral moments of fear and angst or hunger because the slope itself is neither fear nor angst nor hunger.

    Necessary to say the slope is like flying.  A place with no up or down.   As well it looks like we might get rain.

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