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July 9th 2010    Tim Candler

    It should always be a rule never to anticipate rain.   Never to say, "Well. it's going to rain tomorrow!"    And I could blame the 24 hrs of weather information available to those like me who are obsessed.  Theoretically of course weather systems favor the well behaved, and tend to avoid the dastardly.

    Recently I have been working on attitude and behavior.  I have tempered language, recorded the presence of saintliness as a recognized interaction between our species and others.  I have shown tolerance of pests and grasses that creep.  And I will accept that occasionally I do hear release of such phrases as, "well, its going to rain tomorrow!" from lips that apparently belong to me.    But generally the new me is mild of manner, polite and obliging.


   Oddly though, the appearance of this new me does seems to coincide with a summer that so far reflects circumstances of weather very different from those the old me so enjoyed last summer.  Last summer we had good rain, temperance of temperature.  Chard that lasted from March through to December.   Bounty of greens, and reds and yellows.

   All the same, better not to leap for hasty conclusions.

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