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June 11th 2010    Tim Candler

    The cradle of democracy produced citizens.   Aristocracies produced subjects.  Oddly amongst those ruled by empires, citizens inclined to the idea their emperors were ordained by Gods.  An opinion emperors promoted.  

    It always has been a folly to actually think of the rule of man as in anyway ordained.  And to any God I have no desire to pander, even though often I have to.  But today I turned from subject to citizen not so much to piss off the Queen, rather to void ever having to deal with those splendid men and women of the immigration services again.

    I sat between two soldiers.  One from Latvia, the other from Morocco.  I know this because during the ceremony as a country of origin was announced the individuals from that country were asked to stand so that they might be scrutinized and applauded.   There was a total of one hundred and fifty four of us new citizens from fifty different countries.

    A remarkable idea and a fine dream, and I could be humorous about it.  I could call down judgment.  Pontificate and look for theater.  But for today that would be a failure of my imagination.

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