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June 14th 2010    Tim Candler

    Some years ago I could have reminded myself that high heat impinges on the ability of many plants to obtain necessary elements for photosynthesis, and some years ago I would have known what those elements are.  These days, yesterday is often a mystery.  So I sometimes wonder whether there are necessary elements absent from my own diet, because I often struggle in a frustrated way with the blank revealed when my brain is called upon to offer suggestions.

    Pretty sure there are amongst us those who could assure me that I should proceed to the consumption of Wartbane or Plumbago or some such worthy, and after a week or two the content of my brain would return to an agility that once it might have possessed, instead of this thrashing around in a hopeless way.

    There is an alternative theory which offers the idea that mental decline permits the elderly to achieve the condition of care-freeness necessary for sweet release.  Otherwise we go almost like teenagers into the night, and clearly few on the other side want that because on the other side there are already too many boisterous young people dead from plague, famine and soldiering.  Reason enough to remain just where I am.

       But with respect to this theory of gentle decline into care-freeness, were it true, I would prefer to be gone by tomorrow, so generally I have had to dismiss the idea as belonging to wishful-ness on the part of those dealing with their own scrambled near and dear.

     However, I can sometimes understand the frown upon suicide from those of us who might still be subjects, because suicide is considered a waste of resource.   And too, in the pursuit of happiness death cannot be seen to dance and laugh and take vacations in Cancun, because increasingly happiness is defined that way. 

    A simpler solution is access to elements that enable mind to forget that it has forgotten.  And this sounds to me like a double negative, which could be an error of grammar, but which could define paradise. 

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