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June 17th 2010    Tim Candler

    In the matter of plot a phenomenological exploration as expounded by Hegel sees digression upon digression cozying up to a single point, and that single point would be true.  This he felt was the movement within spirit, his dialectic.  And despite the criticism of Marx, Hegel's dialectic perseveres because people act, they do not pursue reason as exemplified by a mathematical or logical process.

    Who really cares.  And the answer is very few people because in the day to day, response to circumstances relies more upon past experience to describe present expectations and future goals.   So responsibility for change of any sort belongs primarily to those of us who through digression after digression continually find ourselves bloodied by a brick wall.

   The lesson from pickled Beets, is to see reward in that moment when Beet and vinegar and jar conjoin as three lids make that satisfying pop, almost in unison.   Next time, you say to yourself, these three lids will indeed pop in unison.

    Better to turn this moment of popping lids into plot and make it a future goal, than labor over the ten hours or so that this moment took to achieve.  Allow imagination to soar, rather than render spirit to hopelessness by obsessing on the actual quantity of Beets pickled.    Otherwise a person can quickly revert to less positive aspects of past experience for the source of his expectations and future goals.

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