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June 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    That travel through time that precedes this moment contains infinite combination of memories, most of which are false.   Then something happens which makes the present uncomfortable, and it is to memories we return expecting them to be real.    The past is actually the empty place from which we come, but without it there is no solace and there is no certainty.

     This definition of deceit puts many at ease.   They look at it in one way and see themselves.  Then they look at it in another way and become uncomfortable because we are creatures of future time and deceit challenges our foundations, so they will call this definition nonsense and proceed.  


   The idea of truth is often maligned.   It has no definition that satisfies outside of a creed that begins "I believe".   Otherwise the search is for process, more easily understood as plot, or story, or explanation of the question "why?".   And why?   Because without an "I believe" there is only deceit. 

     This is a slope in a random place and no comfort to believe in truth.  So it is we invent ourselves as social things, then participate, otherwise like Nietzsche we can go mad and die of a broken heart so others might call it syphilis.

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