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June 24th to 28th 2010    Tim Candler

    The new me behaved adequately.  Only occasionally did he fall into the trap of "why me", and only once or twice did he reach for the saber.  So better to resolve an issue with this years Beans.   Blue Lake Bush chose to recall distant memory of racing to the top of the pole.    Burpee's Stringless is as polite as its name implies.  And Triumph De Farcy is a stringy Bean.

    My own view would reflect the status of Triumph De Farcy as a very delicious but very wretched Bean that does not respond well to heavy heat or to long endless days unblessed by rain.   And I had expected  the Bean Beetle to have been seduced by a name as I have been seduced by a name.   But the Bean Beetle will always be wiser than I, he chose Burpee's Stringless for his hatchery.  The little bastards are everywhere, but at least they are visible, unlike whatever it is that has eaten the leaves of Swede.

   The wandering of genes has left me often with a wish that seed from factories follow a guide so mechanical that Bush Beans and Running Beans could be kept isolated.   Propagation by seed demands this sort of ideal approach otherwise when Bush Beans run complaint departments are inundated, and reputations are ruined.   I too have sent in my stinging denunciation of their business practices and of their personal flaws.  I have told them that there are Bush Bean people and that there are Pole Bean people.   The two do not mix, and why should they   I can therefore only conclude that Burpee is a Pole Bean person, and that I will obtain the cucumber seed from alternative sources.

    Then I met Elmer.  His face considerably older than mine, and his garden as dry as mine.  "Yes," he told me, "They sent me the old seed."  We stared at his unhappy row of Beets and had we known each other better we both would have cursed.   I told him my Potatoes were all down, and this cheered him up because his patch still looked lively.   And this I think was polite of me, because his Blue Lake Bush Beans were beautiful bushes, and grudgingly I told him so.

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