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June 8th 2010    Tim Candler

    Surrendered to large quantities of shell pasta, New Zealand Spinach, Thumbelina Carrot, Florence Fennel and Early Top Beetroot.   A too colorful collection to bake in an oven with eggs and a sprinkle of cheese.  But it reminded me of that wonderful pie made from smoked fish, mashed Potato, eggs, Tomato and Onion.   Next time I think I will leave out the Beetroot, because at unreliable 350 electric for half an hour, Beets lose their crunch.

    I have to ask why I didn't leave the boiled Beets in  their dish so that I could eat them cold.   And in the end I think it had to do with a minimalist approach to dish washing.   There can be nothing less appetizing than a junkyard in the kitchen sink.   It stares at you in a most judgmental way.

   I remember, many years ago, reading an Edwardian tract which has distracted me ever since.  Any miserable task, the tract implied, if done to the best of ability, provides reward.  As I read this my blood chilled.  It did so probably because back then I owned youth and youth is inclined toward belief in super heroes rather than solace from the performance of miserable tasks.

    Now I wish men had never walked on the moon, because in the morning the junkyard is still there.

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