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June 9th 2010    Tim Candler

    In the quest for hanging fruit, I realize I should have relied upon Asparagus Bean.  They might have accomplished arch by August, but I was dreaming of Wax Gourd, so for reasons that no longer make sense to me I put the burden of achieving arch on Cucumber.

    One year Asparagus Bean was Mecca for Stinkbug.  The Stinkbugs congregated, sang hymns and ogled each other in that dewy-eyed way, but mostly they took pleasure from out-witting me.    I suspected in that mass of maturing Asparagus Beans, they saw their perfect winter hiding place.   So out went the call which Stinkbugs from miles around  heard.

   But I did once picture the arch alive with hanging Asparagus Beans.  I had it firmly in my mind, and there was I on a stool and sometimes a ladder.   I was high and well balanced, my fingers pursuing Stinkbug and then came my own equivalent of a wingless drop and roll.  

      And if that had happened, I do believe the call would have gone out and Stinkbugs in other continents would have heard it. 

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