An English In Kentucky


















March 10th 2010    Tim Candler

    Trees will soon arrive through the UPS.   Perhaps they will be happy trees.  And perhaps they will greet this warm weather with an equanimity that he who will plant them does not currently possess.

    It is an emotional transition between the preparation of soil and the introduction of plants to soil.  I know where the creeping grass is.  I know it is sleeping.   And I know I will spend most of the growing season struggling against those thirsty roots of creeping grass. 

    It would be alright if creeping grass eschewed tilth, preferring the rock and clay I have fought so hard against.   And one day I know there will be a grasshopper called Bruce, engineered to eat only creeping grass.   He will come when called, and he will live in a shady green bottle, and there will be harmony because he will always be happy.

    Meanwhile  I will cut stakes, ready old hose pipe, and hope skunks don't wakeup to a wandering mood.

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