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March 16th 2010    Tim Candler

    Seeds of hot weather vegetables have entered the germination zone.  Their little tropical hearts soaked in warm water.  Premature perhaps.  But for the moment I can dream of vigorous seedlings that miraculously are immune to the vagaries of temperature, and I can shrug off the sometimes patronizing opinions of others.

     And each year it is the same.   By the end of April I am squinting at plants in factory nurseries, looking for Black Beauty Eggplant and something with the word Pepper in its name.  

     Baby Bells were prolific last year.  They came in uniform pots with elegant directions.   And the Black Beauty Eggplant from the hardware store turned out to be something purple.   Then when these expensive children were in warm May ground, my own hot weather seeds chose to spring, leaving me with cruel choices.

      One of these years I'll walk by an April nursery and maybe I'll be able to 'just say no'.  But there is a gold side to late germinating  Eggplant.  They achieve a wonderful maturity in October if the weather holds.

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