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March 20th 2010    Tim Candler

    This time last year Forsythia was in bloom and the Close Mockingbird was flirting with the idea that not all other Mockingbirds are evil.   He was handsome and confused on the fencepost and she was nervous of me.   This year the Close Mockingbird is courting again, but Forsythia has a way to go.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to have perfect recall of past events, instead of random recollection of disparate moments that may or may not be connected and which may or may not be useful because random recollection falls quickly into the category of suspect.

    There are smarty-pant minds capable of accurate recording.   And I suppose denigrating such minds pays me no tribute, rather it suggests an envy.   However, I would argue that in recollecting the past, inaccuracy has a certain usefulness, because it allows for an interpretation of this moment now.

     Inevitably it is tempting to suggest that between inaccuracy and deceit the line is a thin one.  More likely though true things move in time, otherwise our kind would suffer a most terminal depression.   And yes this table is solid but one day it might not be.

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