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March 21st 2010    Tim Candler

    Tending toward dryness and soil is still chilly despite warmth these past days.   Rain from the south and probably a frost this time next week.   So I will have to cover the Strawberry plants, the Pak Choy and most likely the Spinaches, all of whom show signs of intention to flourish.

     But how dull it must be to hear the tinkering of a brain so completely gripped by a few square yards of purpose.   Much better for mental health to reach beyond, travel perhaps as far as the compost pile and there lament an improper sighting of what looked to me like a little Kangaroo.  

    Briefly I saw a long tail, ears and  hopping.  It is the sort of thing one should keep to oneself, because there are some amongst us who will quail at the mention of "small, furry and a great deal of hopping" before questioning the competence of the witness.    But this furry mammal had the wide eyes that prefer darkness, a fluff on the end of his tail and all of those qualities associated with the sentence,  "Not Guilty!"  

    And too, it is very possible that some early release of spores from a suspicious mushroom granted me an hallucination of the left side.

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