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March 22nd 2010    Tim Candler

    There must have been a greater cold these past months of winter, because I believe the season for plants is running behind last year.   The measurement can be described in days.   So I will suggest seven of them.  This coming weekend there is cold predicted.   But in three weeks time this season may well be running alongside last year. 

    I remember an old gardener, many years ago, telling me that March rain was warm rain.   He used to call a March rain "The Potato Rain."    

     Last night over half an inch of rain fell, and though my senses are no longer honed, I swear land already looks greener because of the rain.   And if it were not for thermometers and bones that tell me today is chilly I might well be of the opinion that last nights rain was a warm rain.   And, if I recall, last March the rain came earlier.     

    Just wish I had two feet of topsoil to plant Potato in.  

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