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March 26th 2010    Tim Candler

    I should probably take the deep breath and risk checking the mail in town.   But such a dangerous time of year for so reckless an adventure.  

    The grocery will have onion sets and their own seed potato.  The hardware store will have bouncing seedlings on trolleys that are wheeled in and out according to the time of day.   On their trolleys there will be Parsley, both Curly and Italian.   They'll have Tomato plants that already are eighteen inches tall.  And there will be Cabbages.

   On my own makeshift seedling trolley, I have one lonely sprout from a Ford Hook Chard and a couple of Lettuce Leaf  Basil.   In the hot box there is not yet a sign of Wax Gourd, or Eggplant, or Malabar Spinach.   And after ten days the temptation to excavate in search of sprout is almost too strong to resist.   As well, tonight it will freeze.

    Sometimes it is necessary to repeat the opinion that seasons just suck.   

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