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March 2nd 2010    Tim Candler

    It has often been explained to me that there are things that should not be admitted to.   Nonetheless, as I woke this morning my mind contained, "looking forward to Colorado Beetle." 

    I understand the hesitancy which such a thought can produce if it occurs in the context of a vegetable garden.   But last year I think I developed an association with the Colorado Beetle that has allowed me to consider myself it's equal. 

    The secret I have decided is to lose the 'end of the world' attitude which signs of infestation can sometimes induce.   Better to smoke the cigarette, finish the cup of coffee, take deep breaths and then proceed in an orderly and calm manner.   Colorado Beetles are not Hoppy Bugs.   Colorado Beetle are sedate, often polite and last year I think I gained true satisfaction from individually removing both beetle and spawn from the potato plants.

      The other function of potato that I will try to recall during these next few tense weeks, is its excellence as a plant which cleans ground.   Last year I was most impressed by its fortitude against grasses that creep.   The new bed I had planted with what I think were Kennebec was clay wretched and quite rotten with roots of Bermuda Grass.   Then last fall it was clean enough to make me feel lazy.    

      By the middle of this month the average low here begins to reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit.   Last year the conundrum of when to plant Potato reached an orgy of obfuscation and emotional seesaw.   This year there will be no such investment, instead I will try to dwell upon these other functions of Potato.

    All the same there are things that should not be admitted to, and I think "looking forward to Colorado Beetle" must remain one of them.

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