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March 7th 2010    Tim Candler

    The seed of a Wax Gourd requires a temperature in the region of 80 degrees Fahrenheit before it is inclined to germinate.   Malabar Spinach is also a tropical plant and it too will develop coyness of habit until temperatures soar in July.  

    The point of growing these plants here in Kentucky rests solely upon their virtue during high heat and dreadful humidity.   But without an early start neither the Wax Gourd nor Malabar Spinach will have their opportunity to achieve stature.  

      Lately I have been yearning for a little hot house in which to recreate tropical conditions.   I am convinced there is a corporate entity somewhere that would be happy to oblige me.  And I suspect there is no shame in arriving at the poor house carrying a little hot house in the suitcase.

       Necessary perhaps to think in terms of those old fashioned electric light bulbs, plastic sheeting and the risk of electrocution.

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