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March 8th 2010    Tim Candler


    Wisdom from distant hills plants Spinach in good time for potato rains.   Here there is a scurry.   And it still might snow in April.   So boldly we will go.

    One year, I forget which, a Spring cold came that robbed squirrels of their Fall reserves.   Myself,  I reckoned upon starting again.  I recall sneering at all efforts to protect.  Grumpily I carried tarpaulins and black plastic pots and old sheets.  Then I went into a decline that had me seriously considering the perfect green of indoor/outdoor carpeting and other plants that come from factories.

    But it is no good dwelling upon the anomalies of past days.  It is no good gazing at the Almanac and noticing May 10th. 1966, 20 degrees in Falmouth, or June 1st. 1966, 29 degrees in Cumberland.   What a year that must have been.

    Better to run on the assumption that 2010 will be perfect.  This way I might sleep at night. 

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